Sherilyn Suzetta Moore has earned numerous degrees and awards in writing and horsemanship. She is an accomplished poet, having received the Poet of Merit Award from the International Poet Society. Her Accolades in horsemanship and training include Wrangler Division of the Girl Scouts; positions as President, Vice President, Secretary, Activities Chairman, and Queen of 4-H Sunset Riders, FFA Judging Team; Certified Riding Instructor at a Girl Scout Camp; Veterinarian Assistant in Equine Reproduction and in Avian Health; Racehorse Groom, and Professional Trainer. She served as a delegate to the Ohio State legislature representing the Sunset Riders to debate a bill for the death penalty, has earned ribbons of every color during her days in the show ring, has owned and trained many different horses, and has devoted herself to teaching others about these wonderful creatures. Her latest endeavor is as an author, recounting her beautiful and traumatic experiences with the horses she has owned. Sherilyn's heart for these magnificent animals is plainly exposed through the words she uses to chronicle her life with horses.