Large Black Hogs

Foxfire Farm is a recognized member and breeder of Large Black Hogs. These are “heritage” hogs. Their ancestors lived on the pastures and woods of England in the 16th and 17th centuries. They had become almost extinct due to modern farming practices. These are hardy animals and are able to handle the cold and heat. They can convert pasture and goodies found in our woods into nutrition. They have a great mothering ability, good sized litters and longevity. Large sized and overall known to be very sweet hogs, their dark coloring makes them more resistant to sunburn.

We are extremely proud of our LBH sounder. Everyone of them has their own personality and are a joy to be around. When called by their individual names, each and every one of them runs over to enjoy a good belly scratch and fresh milk daily. These are perfect hogs for a new or seasoned hog farmer. Most are impressed by the absolute sweet nature of this breed.

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We currently have 3 LBH breeding pairs. Prudence, Noble Sam, and Majestic lineage. All have low inbreeding analysis percentages. Each is super friendly and tame.

All the hogs led an easy, healthy life. They are able to forage in the woods and bog but also receive free choice hay and a daily maintenance feed. We worm two times yearly and do not use antibiotics unless necessary to save lives. We never use any growth hormones or chemicals.

:Current Stock Available:

Taz - Large Black. Papered. 28.5% co-efficient. Bottle baby not a runt. DOB 3-14-17 $275

Percy - Large Black. Papered. 21.9% co-efficient. 5-8 litter size. DOB 9-28-11 $300

JuJu - Tam/Large Black. In with Tamworth boar. Apprx. DOB 2014 $300

BB - Large Black. Papered. 28.5% co-efficient. Bottle baby not a runt. DOB 3-14-17 $300