Raising Pork The Better Way

         There are problems associated with today's industrialized meat production - from transmission of disease and loss of livestock diversity to hazardous and down right disgusting processing methods. Demanding consumers such as yourself want to know where their meat is coming from. Factory farming is an unsafe, inhumane, and ecologically disruptive form of meat production. There are better ways....
        Here at Foxfire Farm, our hogs all lead very happy, healthy lives, in an environment that allows for normal animal behavior such as rooting and socializing. Raising them in the old world, heritage fashion means they are hormone, antibiotic, and steroid free. They are allowed to roam in the open air and sunshine as they choose but can also enjoy a large shelter with deep bedding when resting. Our hogs have continuous access to clean water and their diets are enriched with quality grains, alfalfa/grass hay, apples, pumpkins, squash, excess garden produce, milk and whey from our dairy goats and cows.
        Our finished hogs weigh between 225-275 lbs live weight (on the hoof) which will typically be about 170-200 lbs hanging weight (cleaned carcass). Processing choices will effect the end total but you can expect about 100 pounds of meat in your freezer from a whole hog. Please remember the pork we raise is very different to the stuff you buy at the grocery store. The pork will be redder in color with an excellent marbling that creates the incredible flavor. Unlike commercially grown hogs (using steroids/antibiotics), the cuts in general will be smaller so consider having your chops and steaks processed thicker. 
        Conrath Quality Meats (formally Northstar Bison) or Geiss Meats are our preferred processors. We have been satisfied with the services they offer for almost 8 years now. They are professional, USDA inspected, and offer nitrate-free curing. The processing, smoking, and packaging of the meat is well done and you will not be disappointed. You will contact them directly to give your custom processing instructions and processing payment once your hog is brought in. Feel free to ask them any questions regarding your order, remember they are the professionals...they will gladly explain all your cutting options. Any smoked or naturally cured meat does take longer to process and will require a 2nd pick-up.

Selling Pork Open Stock

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