The chickens at Foxfire Farm led very happy, healthy lives. All the birds are allowed to free range. We supply ample amounts of custom blended feed, several waterers are filled daily and the roosting boxes are kept tidy.

All of our chickens were started from pure bred stock out of McMurrays, Sunnyside Hatchery, and reputable local breeders. They are all heavy, dual purpose, egg producing breeds. We incubate all of our eggs. They are either purebreds or crosses depending on the specific eggs we are collecting. We only cross the breeds once so the best hybrid vigor occurs and we try not to let the breeds get to mottled.

The chicks are sold straight run.

Our varieties include Americana, Easter Eggers, Barred Rock, Orpington, and Rhode Island Red.

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We raise Silver Appleyards, and Muscovy's. Each breed of duck has its unique qualities. Each are good egg layers and friendly birds. My breeding stock was photographed by Foxhill Photo and was chosen to represent the Silver Appleyard breed among others in a published magazine. You can find the pictures and other wonderful information about ducks in Hobby Farm presents Ducks. Its the 2nd Edition Volume 9F.

The Silver Appleyard breed is large size. They are raised for their eggs as this breed is one of the best egg-layers among the larger ducks and produces, on average, roughly 250 white-shelled eggs yearly. This breed has a calm temperament and tends to stay close to home if well-fed. There is a critical need for more conservation breeders of Appleyards. Not likely to take flight. Very friendly and talkative.

Muscovy Ducks are not descendants of Mallards. They have long claws on their feet and a wide flat tail. They tend to hang in the trees more than the water. The drake weighs 10–15 lb and the hen about 6–8 lbs. Both sexes have a nude black-and-red or all-red face; the drake also has pronounced caruncles at the base of the bill and a low erectile crest of feathers. Muscovy ducks are less noisy, making more of a breathy call versus a quack. They are excellent sitters and parents but will take flight. Calm birds with nice personalities.

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Toulouse and CottonPatch are the geese of choice at Foxfire Farm. They are beautiful, large birds. We have incubated and hand raised almost all of our flock so they are super friendly.

We will sell straight run goslings but the supply is limited. Please contact us to reserve your birds.

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