Pasture Hogs 

When we started raising our Large Black hogs it was still a "new" concept to feed your hogs hay and grass, and to let them live outdoors in a natural environment. It is truly a better way to raise your hogs. 

You do not need 100's of acres to raise these animals and the husbandry demands are very little. Clean water, shelter with clean bedding, and a foraging source; grass pasture, hay, forest, a bog...are the simple requirements. Heritage hogs are respectful of a single strand hot fence when the basic needs are met. Our hogs do get spoiled with produce and grain, milk, bread, and eggs, but that is our choice to balance out their diets since most of our sows are now bred for a Spring farrowing. 

Our hogs are not seen as tools of the farm. They are producing pets that we care deeply for. We are not an organic farm as we will treat any sick animals. The goal is to keep a farm environment that promotes health and safety so the possibility of sickness is lowered. Our choice has been not to vaccinate, use any hormones or feed any medicated feed. The benefits of worming our animals out way the risks of not so we have implemented a routine worming schedule. All of our stock, papered or crosses have come from reputable breeders or other small farms similar to our farm. We will not purchase from auctions and any new animal coming to the farm is quarantined until deemed fully healthy. This also prevents any sounder sickness. 

Because of the overwhelming demand for heritage hog cross piglets, Foxfire Farm has added a few more heritage breeds to the sounder. The crossing of our pure bred Large Blacks and Tamworths has produced incredibly healthy, fat piglets. The temperaments are such that several buyers held back a feeder gilt or two to start their own sounder. With our new additions we will now be able to offer:     

Duroc and Blue-butt crosses, along with our registered Large Black and Berkshire, and pure-bred Tamworths.

Stock Available: