Farm Goods & Critters

Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs - $3.00 dz. Availability varies.

Farm Fresh Frozen Chicken - $2.00 - $3.00 per lb. Legs and Thighs and Halved birds. Sold out of whole birds. Birds are                                                                shrink wrapped and labeled.

Baby Bunnies:

We have 3 litters available.

2 available. Born 5-30-17. One gray and one beige. Mom is a Florida White. Dad is a Lop/Rex. 

4 available. Born 6-6-17. Multi colors. Mom is a Creme d'Argent. Dad is a Lop/Rex. 

3 available. Born 6-7-17. Multi colors. Mom is a Creme d'Argent. Dad is a Lop/Rex. 

Should be a nice medium size rabbit. Clean and healthy. Handled regularly.

Free manure / fill. Our farm has a wide variety of animals with varying size pens and pastures that are continually getting scraped and cleaned. We are not a certified organic farm....We are a free range, pastured operation that is trying to keep our environment as natural as possible. The manure most likely will contain straw, hay, shavings, and plastic net wrap. We only feed good hay (not junk full of weeds and seeds) and bed with straw or pine shavings. There is no garbage laying around in our pens and our animals are not pumped full of chemicals. There will be plastic net wrapping found occasionally throughout the manure but it is easily pulled out. What we are scraping is ideal for amending soils, clean fill, or letting it continue to compost to create garden gold. Please contact us to discuss further details and schedule a pick up day. Buckets, bags, trailers, pickup trucks, or dump trucks. Come get however much you need....we have plenty to share free of charge. If you are filling a dump truck, a few bucks to cover our diesel would be appreciated. Drive way is dry and graded and we have a circle drive for easy turn around.