Farm Goods & Critters

Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs - $2.50 dz. Availability varies.


Selling off Cow Herd -
Nice package deal. Perfect for a small startup farm. Will discount if purchasing any multiple animals.

All our bovine led very good lives. We do interact with them daily and their pen and barn is the center of our farm. These are happy, healthy animals. If they were not born here they were born at another local farm and have never seen an auction or a sale barn. We are not an organic farm but we do not pump the animals full of vaccines or chemicals. All steers do receive CD/T for castration safety purposes.

Pure Bred Jersey Bull - Fozzi was born May 2012. He has excellent coloring and is proven. He is very protective of his herd, excellent trait in coyote and bear country. We keep him with all our cows, calves, and stallion after calving. He is kept with all the horses and steers during calving and milking season. Absolutely respects all horses. He is over 1500#. Never has had an injury or illness. He was not disbudded nor does he have a nose ring. He has done well with a hot line but will destoy any trees in your pasture. Services Jersey, Holsteins, smaller framed heifers no problem, and never has let us down.

Pure Bred Jersey Cow - Charlotte was born May 2011. Very beautiful, show quality, and nice temperament. Bred ever year since 2012. Primarily has thrown heifers and one year twin heifers. Stands well for hand milking, is a very good mother, and calves with ease. No injuries or illnesses. Does have small horns. Very docile animal. Has a bull calf on her currently, he is listed below. So she is being sold in milk.

Jersey/Longhorn Cow - Suzi-Q was born 7-21-13. Her Dam is our Pure bred Jersey and her Sire is a Purebred Longhorn. Small framed but beefy and a nice milker. Very neat markings. Would work nicely for a family farm. Not disbudded but absolutely not aggressive. Had a heifer May 1, 2017 that is listed below. Currently dry. Naturally weaned heifer. Kept with bull and likely bred.

3/4 Jersey 1/4 Longhorn Heifer - May was born May 1, 2017. She has very neat markings and is a smaller framed heifer. Is grained daily, free choice quality hay, and mineral. Well cared for and friendly. Disbudded. Naturally weaned never any illness or injury.

Purebred Jersey Steer - George was born 9-12-17. Big strong boy from the get go. He is grained daily, has free choice hay and mineral. Well cared for and friendly. He is disbudded and is still nursing. Nice and healthy.

Selling off due to family disjuncture. No other reason. No delivery available at this time.
Serious inquiries only. Please be knowledgeable of bull husbandry. 


For Sale - Rabbits 

Cash only and please bring a safe container to transport in.
They are all currently kept outside and handled daily. We feed free choice 2nd crop hay, water, salt, and rabbit chow once a day. They are friendly, healthy, and liked to be held. All were born last summer. Have birth dates on everyone.
Rabbits Available6 Crosses are a combination of Mini-Lop, Florida White, and Creme D'Argent. 
1 male & 3 females

$10 each

Antique Farm Tools.
Neat decorations. Some still useable. 
$7 each or 3 for $15

Antique Salon Dryer
Dryer is in very nice shape. Has been in storage so a good polishing is in order. Very cool looking. Yes it does still work but I used it for decoration only. 
Helene Curtis Empress "World's Finest And Fastest Hair Dryer"
Four Heats Catalog No 999
National Mineral Company Chicago Made In USA Montreal
Serial No #42531
Patented April 6, 1937

Antique Grain Separator.
Excellent condition. Has been in my house. I used it as a tabletop. Paint is original. Sturdy and solid. Just a really neat piece to repurpose for the perfect old farmhouse look.

Poultry Supplies and Birds - 
1 Poultry Protector all natural insecticide - $2
1 non-perching waterer with extra top 3 liter - $5
7 Pop Bottle Waterers - $8 for all
Metal feeders - $2 each
Electric Brooder Mat - $10

Rouen Cross Ducks. 3 males. Beautiful, healthy, and nice. Crossed with Appleyards and Khaki. Born 2017 Spring. 
$7 each

Muscovy Males Drake. BIG boy 8-10lbs. White/Gray. Born fall 2016. 

Breeding Pair of Ducks. Tightly bonded. Have raised several ducklings together. Very smart and friendly.
Male - Appleyard/Rouen. Female - Mallard/Khaki. 

Pair of black/white ducks. Crosses swedish/cayuga. Apprx. 2 years old. Male & female 

CottonPatch Geese Breeding Pair - $100
CottonPatch goose born last year - $40


Horse Supplies - 
5 Black metal saddle racks 
$5 each

Assorted Horse How To DVD's. Very good condition.
$4 and up

Assorted Horse Books. Like new condition.
$4 and up

Country Vet fly spray dispenser. 
$10 each

Mane puller and thinner with case. 
Chin straps
Bag of nail in post insulators

New with Tags Myler Bit 5" Level 1 89-39095
New With Tags Rubber 5" D Ring Snaffle
Tough 1 Kelly Silver Star Dog Bone Snaffle 5 1/8"
Showman Chrome 5" Tom Thumb Snaffle
O Ring Snaffle 5.5"
O Ring Snaffle 4.5"

Farrier tools -
Weaver Suede chaps
$7 each


Must Cut Down Hog Herd:
These are not confinement hogs. The breeds for sale thrive outdoors; pasturing or foraging when supplied with hay and minimal grain. They produce medium to large sized litters and have really great personalities. The meat is well marbled and extremely flavorful. On average the piglets sell for $60-100 each and tend to finish out in about 9 months. We have sows that are 8 years old and still producing. It would be a shame to put these quality animals in the freezer. We do not vaccinate or use any hormones, but we do worm them. These are happy, healthy hogs with very personable attitudes. They are used to being interacted with daily and come to there names when called. They enjoy free choice hay, once daily graining, and forest foraging. All are trained to drink out of bowls or barrels with nipples and respect hot fences.

Sows For Sale
$250 each Lowest price I can accept. Cash only.
Sows may be bred as our sows are pastured with compatible boars. Girls are 450# plus, good conformation, clean, and not fat.
All are good to great mothers. Each farrowed once a year since 1 year old. We have never pushed the girls.

Moonshine - Berkshire. Purebred. In with Tamworth boar. Apprx. DOB 2013
Lucky - Tam/Duroc. In with Tamworth boar. DOB 6-15-13
JuJu - Tam/Large Black. In with Large Black boar. Apprx. DOB 2014
Percy - Large Black. Papered. 21.9% co-efficient. In with Large Black boar. DOB 9-28-11
Rosie - Tam/Berk. In with Tamworth boar. Apprx. DOB 2014


For Sale Wool Sheep and Fleece:

Nice mix of fiber to add to your flock or start one up. Nice healthy, friendly animals. Not interested in selling for meat. 
These are perfect backyard or small farm pets! They are excellent lawn mowers. Not the greatest at clearing brush but will help maintain overgrown yards and pastures and provide beautiful fiber as a bonus. Included in the price: 2018 annual vaccines (CD/T, Pneumonia, BO-SE), a collar, trimmed hooves, care timeline and worming.
Sheep, like goats and horses, are herd animals and need friends. They do best with other sheep but can also be companion animals. Single sales are discouraged. Great homes please. All my sheep are kept in the same pen through out the year. 

Sheep available - 
Columbia/BlueFaced Leicester Ewe: Her name is Larc
Born 1-26-17. Dad is papered BlueFaced Leicester. Mom is purebred Columbia. She spent the summer at a kids camp so is extremely socialized and friendly. Beautiful face and loves to be pet. Nice disposition and her mother is an excellent milker. Naturally polled. Bred to a Shetland and has not lambed yet.

Columbian Ewe: Her name is Lola
Born 6-2016. Very friendly. Lambed twins with ease last year and very good mother. Good with shearing. Naturally polled.
Just lambed a healthy ram lamb on 1-20-18. 

RAMS: $75 (will be wethering and docking tail this weekend)
PEDER - BlueFaced Leicester/Shetland. Born 2-4-18.
PATCH - BlueFaced Leicester/Shetland. Born 2-7-18.

Fleece In The Grease:
Assorted color and fibers. Each in its own separate feed bag. Several years worth of fiber $5 lb


For Sale -Dairy Doelings

Please These Are Not Meat Animals. They are loving pets or milk producers.

(2) DOELINGS/DOES - $100 each. Price is the same if the doelings are pregnant or not. 
SEPHORA - LaMancha. Born 6-10-17. Twin. Very light beige. Small ears. In pen w/Reg. Saanen since 12-1.

TRICIA - LaMancha/Nubian. Born 5-31-17. Beautiful markings. Small ears. In pen w/Reg. Saanen since 12-1


Free manure / fill. Our farm has a wide variety of animals with varying size pens and pastures that are continually getting scraped and cleaned. We are not a certified organic farm....We are a free range, pastured operation that is trying to keep our environment as natural as possible. The manure most likely will contain straw, hay, shavings, and plastic net wrap. We only feed good hay (not junk full of weeds and seeds) and bed with straw or pine shavings. There is no garbage laying around in our pens and our animals are not pumped full of chemicals. There will be plastic net wrapping found occasionally throughout the manure but it is easily pulled out. What we are scraping is ideal for amending soils, clean fill, or letting it continue to compost to create garden gold. Please contact us to discuss further details and schedule a pick up day. Buckets, bags, trailers, pickup trucks, or dump trucks. Come get however much you need....we have plenty to share free of charge. If you are filling a dump truck, a few bucks to cover our diesel would be appreciated. Drive way is dry and graded and we have a circle drive for easy turn around.