Welcome To Foxfire Farm

Established in 2008, Foxfire Farm set out to become self-sustaining. Each year has brought new developments, challenges, and rewards. We learned right away, complete self-sufficiency is not a requirement of sustainable agriculture but long-term stability and productivity is. This concept seems easy enough, it is not. It has been achievable with hard work, determination, and dedication. 

Still constantly trying to improve...our animal housing, fencing, and placement has changed over the years to create a more natural but safe atmosphere. After all this time we are learning from accomplishments and mistakes. There is truly not a better life for us and we are very thankful it.


Many of our animals were specifically chosen from the Livestock Conservancy. Researching each breed was fascinating and we are proud that we can, in a small way, help. Foxfire Farm breeds, raises, and sells heritage hogs, dairy goats, wool sheep, chickens, quail, dairy cows, ducks, geese and rabbits. 

Our website is always current with stock available for sale. 


We are active members of the following associations:

The Large Black Hog Association

American Dairy Goat Association

American Paint Horse Association

The Percheron Horse Association